PowerAmp UcD180AD

These Power amplifiers utilises the UcD180AD module, see www.hypex.nl. (The module is not available anymore.) The module is based on PWM-technology also known as class D. The modules and matching "Hypex parts" were bought used through hifi4all.dk's buy, sell & trade section.
The UcD180AD module is a single power amp capable of 180W/4Ohm. The module has balanced input, but work perfectly in an unbalanced system either with an adapter or directly with a RCA input socket.

The Power Amplifier

Figure 1: The fully operational and playable power amplifier.

Figure 1: The power amplifiers.

The power amplifier is designed as a mono block with a conventional power supply. The power supply is somewhat over-dimensioned, see specs of the UcD module. The hole amp is fitted into a cabinet from audiokit.it.

The following components were used (one monoblok):
- 1 Hypex UcD180AD mono, (with op-amp AD8620)
- 1 Hypex UcD ST, std. quality power supply module
- 1 Hypex transformer 160VA TR100A
- 1 Cabinet, Hifi-2000 GX288 (Audiokit.it)
- 1 Unbalanced RCA Input Connector
- 2 high quality output speaker connectors
- 1 Hypex Internal connection cable
- 1 IEC power supply connector with integrated power switch
- 1 Fuse inline with power cable

Power Handling
Event though the specifications at first glance suggests a powerful amplifier I would only suggest using it with a speaker like Ellam XT (not a heavy load). I recently tested the amplifier with the Ekta Grande loudspeaker and at moderate to high SPL levels the amplifier shuts off.