Speaker - Ekta Grande

These speakers are my second pair of DIY and will hopefully end up as my main front speakers.

The speaker in question is a copy af the Ekta Grande by Troels Gravesen/Jesper Spohr.
For further info: Ekta Grande at troelsgravesen.dk
A review written in Danish: Ekta Grande at hifi4all.dk

This page will continue to be updated as the project is a work in progress!!

Construction pictures of final cabinet:
Please note that my cabinet is not an exact copy of the original. The front baffle is the same.
The below shown image gallery is updated automatically whenever images are uploaded:
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Cross-over layout
Drawings of the layout of the filter components: (only for SS7000 version)
Mid. filter (SS7000)
Bass and tweeter filter (SS7000)

Test speaker
The first speaker is just a single speaker and is a prototype/test model to be used for testing different modifications and getting hands on experience building the Ekta Grande.
I have made some drawings of the layout of the filter components:
Ekta Grande filter (Xt25 and SS7000)
(Error in pdf: The polarity of the mid-unit needs to be swapped)
The holes are meant for cable-ties for fastening the components and screws in the corners and for terminal.
If you find any errors, missing dimensions etc. please use the contact form.
Pictures of the speaker so far:

Frequency response of speaker, gated 3.3 ms, 2 channel FFT (MLS)
The front has been given a quick paint job, in order to close the surface! (not so pretty!)

The Units:
All of the speakers have been bought through "Køb/Salg/Bytte" at www.hifi4all.dk
- 4 x ScanSpeak 18W/8530-G00 (the coated version of 18W/8531-G00)
- 2 x ScanSpeak 12M/4631-G00
- 2 x ScanSpeak D2904/7000
- 2 x Vifa XT25TG-30-04
And yes I bought both tweeter models as I would like to test them both

The Crossover:
The parts are from Jantzen-Audio.