DIY UV exposure

In order to expose the photo resist on a PCB, a UV source is needed. My search on the internet at elfa gave me this one a single sided UV-exposure, with a huge price tag of DKK3850 + taxes and shipment. I therefore surfed the internet and found out it was possible to make one yourself!

What do you get if you combine an old HP flatbed scanner and a Philips facial sun?
A single-sided UV exposure!! ;-) And it saves you a lot of money.

The Philips facial sun and the old HP flatbed scanner

In order to give the old scanner a nice look I gave it some black spray paint.
The internal hardware and wiring of the U-exposure is shown

My new single-sided UV exposure including a manual timer. The timer can also be seen on the picture above. The final price tag was only DKK500 and 3-4 hours of work.

So far I have made 3 PCB's using the UV exposure. The exposure time was set to 3 minutes and it worked just fine!!